TOP 5 Wearable Fitness Trackers in 2018

How do you prefer to wear your fitness trackers – on your arm, finger, legs or eyes? See the most popular wearable health devices in our new episode.

Fitness trackers are not just for your wrists

On the fifth place of our fitness-rate are…

5. Fitness bracelets

Everybody know about it. Easy to wear, good for tracking and some of them even let you swim. For those who prefer to keep their hands free…

4. Foot pod

Automatically track running pace, distance, stride length, foot strike and other metrics. Not stuffed with technologies, but reliable and sends you reports to the email.

Do you wear a wedding ring or not? Because you know, on the 3d place of the rate is…

3. Fitness tracker as a ring

It tracks heart rate, sleep and steps automatically. Fine for basic tracking, bad for rule the world.

2. Smart sunglasses

It can provide real-time coaching and feedback while running or biking and doubles as a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Expensive, but useful and innovative.

How much time on your watch? On ours, it is definitely time for the first place of the rate —

1. Smart watches

No one can resist. Lots of functions, lots of technologies inside the stylish device and a virtual assistant can give a virtual helping hand.

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