TOP 5 Useless Inventions of Past Century

Inventors don’t always come up with useful ideas. An inflatable hat, a yodeling meter or glasses with blinds – what are your favourite useless inventions of the last century?

Get ready… Here comes the list of the most useless inventions

5. Inflatable hat

Created for special occasions, that might suddenly occur. Especially recommended for people with a great lung capacity and fair self-control — so that a person could have enough time to inflate the hat to a useful size.

4. Pair walking device

The Swiss knew what babies wanted. No more toddling and stomping, walk faster, child, to the wonderful world ahead!

3. Glasses with blinds

We can understand the TV-glasses and even the TV-hat — we believe, they were the rise of the modern VR era. But the blinds?

2. Yodelingmeter

Yodel is an impressive throaty singing. Perhaps, the last thing we want to do with singing is to measure it.

Did you just start yodeling? Wait a minute, here we have a winner of our top-5!

1. Self-spanking device

The absolutely useless thing, designed for fanatical discipline keepers or a totally absent-minded.

We are sure, that you have some useless stuff in your storerooms. Tell us about it! Comment here or below the video on Youtube, what you would give away with no regrets. Head over to Facebook or Twitter to get more updates from us.