TOP 5 Awesome Technologies of the Future

Colonizing Mars or printing organs – what will the humanity focus on? See top technologies of the future that have the greatest potential. Looks like some of these are going to be available very soon!

Technologies of the future

Say hello to the future that scientists are preparing in the present. We do not know what will be humanity in a hundred years, but we can assume what technologies it will use. This is the top 5 technologies that most likely we will see the future of us. Let’s get started!

5. Terraforming

The humanity is preparing to colonize Mars. But before we land on the Red planet’s lands, we’ll need to think through another challenge — the creation of the Earth-like living conditions. The only chance for us to breath life into sand and atmosphere, composed mostly of carbon dioxide, is to succeed in terraforming.

4. Unmanned vehicle

Looks like the unmanned vehicles will very soon fill the roads. We’ll use them to get to work, transport large loads, even perform warfare operations. Let’s start thinking about how we use so much free time.

More sleeping, work, play a Dota2 round? Tell us what would you do while the unmanned car driving you to the office!

3. Blockchain

According to IBM Research, blockchain together with crypto-anchors will help to combat fraud and counterfeiters, ensure a product’s authenticity — from its point of origin to the hands of the customer. Whether you buy a diamond or a cucumber, you will be sure of the authenticity of its origin.

2. Unbiased artificial intelligence

As scientists work to develop AI systems we can trust, it’s critical to develop and train these systems with data that is unbiased and to develop algorithms that can be easily explained. This is the key to the fullest use of all artificial intelligence benefits in many areas, from economics and law to technical topics such as verification, validity, security, and control.

And here is number one of our Top-5,

1. 3D-printing of human organs

Solving the global shortage of organs available for lifesaving transplants will be remarkable. Another step in the conquest of nature by man. The 3D bioprinting is already called 4D bioprinting. The fourth dimension, that we are going to print to ourselves, is time.

What a wonderful future awaits us! A lot of free time, literally new planet’s horizon, plan B if we get sick. Do you have in mind another technology that will impact the future? Join us on YouTube or Facebook and comment right away!

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