Top-5 Robots Which Seems to Be Unbelievable

The main task of robots is to help humanity. And scientists have already created enough devices that perfectly cope with this task.

Here is the Top-5 robots you’d love to have in your household.

5. Robots, assembling an IKEA chair

That is a real time-saver!

4. Cassie, a remote-controlled biped

It can perform useful tasks and get humans out of harm’s way not just in the lab, but in the real world.

3. Pepper, a humanoid robot

It can walk you through the check-in process in a hotel with no human interaction. It is really what we sometimes looking for after a long flight.

What is better — to check in with no receptionist, or to go shopping with no pitchman? Comment and tell what you like more!

2. Medical delivery drones

Delivering medical supplies to health centers in rural America, or donor blood for transfusions in Rwanda — drones are here to help.

1. Here is number one in our Top-5

Sophia is a humanoid robot. First robot ever with a citizenship, Sophia had a date with Will Smith and friend-zoned him.

Unbelievable! What would you ask Sophia if you happened to meet her?

It is very likely that in the future we will often have to deal with robots. While you still have the will to make a choice — choose a topic for our next Top-5!

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