TOP 5 Football Tech | FIFA World Cup Innovations

Do you still think football is an old style game? Taste the real technology hidden behind the scenes of one of the most spectacular, thrilling sports game ever! Let’s dive into football tech starting from place 5:

5. Electronic performance and tracking systems

Wearable technology was allowed by the International Football Association Board in 2015. EPTS primarily track players and ball position, and in combination with microelectromechanical devices can be used for monitor and improve player and team performance.

4. Goal-line technology

For the first time it was set to feature in 2014 during the 20th World Cup events. High-speed cameras are connected to an image-processing computer. It filters out non-ball-shaped objects and tracks the ball’s position to within a few millimeters. When the ball crosses the goal line, the system sends a vibration to the referee’s watch and the word «Goal» appears on his screen, all in less than a second.
Hey,  would you like to revise any referees decision? What goal would you not have counted?

3. Video assistant referee

During events of 21st FIFA World Cup in Russia video assistant referee team supports the referee from a centralized video operation room, located in Moscow. All relevant camera feeds from the twelve stadiums are provided to the operation room through a fiber optic network.

2. Broadcasting

It will let you watch all sixty-four matches of 21st FIFA World Cup. Thirty-seven cameras will cover every match. Eight Super-slow-motion and two Ultra-motion cameras, a cable-cam and a cineflex heli-cam, will ensure high-class pictures will be available from every angle in each stadium.

Here is the number one of this rate, the technology of the football’s future…

1. Virtual reality – football tech of the future

You didn’t manage to get to the stadium, but want to feel the game power? No worries! After highly digitalized 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, FIFA goes even further. Follow the matches with a live expirience via app and a 360 degrees video on demand. Be the first to try this new feature for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

This is the moment of truth. Comment: which football team do you think is the best? Which technology might help or prevent football team from winning?

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