TOP-5 Cryptо Billionaires in the World. RATE TH!S – Podcast and Article

Crypto Billionaires from all over the world

The cryptoworld has opened new sources of enrichment. The number of crypto billionaires is constantly growing. For sure, you heard about Vitalik Buterin and Satoshi Nakamoto (and he is richer than all people if he exists). Here is the top-5 richest people in the cryptoworld, evangelists of digital currencies.

1. Matthew Mellon

Individual investor, $900 million – $1 billion

Unfortunately, he left this world of rising digital currencies at the age of 54. This is the lesson for us — let’s be careful, life really cost a pretty penny.

2. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

Cofounders, Winklevoss Capital. $900 million – $1.1 billion each

From «those guys who are suing for the Facebook idea» to «ones of the richest cryptoholders» — that is a good progress! Tell us is it likely that this progress will continue!

And here we come to the three richest people in the cryptoworld!

3. Changpeng «CZ» Zhao

CEO, Binance. $1.1 billion – $2 billion

He has created the world’s largest cryptoexchange in less than a seven months. Now he is definitely not just «CZ», but very respected Changpeng Zhao.

4. Joseph Lubin

Cofounder, Ethereum and Founder, Consensys. $1 billion – $5 billion

Joseph is the Toronto native. The True North strong and free!
And the leader of our top-five is…

5. Chris Larsen

Cofounder of Ripple, $7.5 billion – $8.billion

The richest man in crypto has a Stanford M.B.A. and is the veteran of the Silicon Valley. Which means a) the importance of the good education and b) the power of the experience.

The End

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