Bunch of techy things happening in the world right now: Digital health, Tech in fashion & more

Read below the latest news on how tech interferes (or boosts) your hobbies and career. Today’s topics are, travelling and security, fashion and digital health!

Technology + Travel

“Your face will be your passport and your boarding pass,” – the Sydney Airport CEO said. The airport is actually testing facial recognition tech to replace passport checks. This is massive for travellers although still very early days. Do you believe they can pull off such a thing for all Australian travellers in the next few years?

Technology + Fashion

Does tech word for fashion or fashion works for tech? ? Here is a bunch of the best laptop bags that Techcrunch managed to find. Most of them are not ladylike at all, by the way, whilst the key audience for fashion content has always been women. What were they thinking?!

Technology + Health

No matter what you used to think of digital health, it is here to stay with us. Two things happened this week; Rock Health predicted $5.6 billion total investment in digital health companies and FDA green-lighted 14 digital health products. So if you are not a fan of trackers, health apps and stuff, it’s time to become one.

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