Tech news: Samsung’s AI, Facebook’s paid groups and meditation apps

From artificial intelligence to meditation, we’ll deliver to you the most interesting tech news from over the world. Take a minute break from the 21st FIFA World Cup games and click above to watch our weekly digest!

1. You won’t believe this — U.S. grants Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss yet another patent

This time for a system to provide crypto-based exchange-traded products.

So what?

Brothers Winklevoss are on the front pages recently. Is it a new industry leader’s arrival?

2. More tech news and innovations from Samsung

Samsung has announced that it would launch Cello Square 3.0, an online logistics platform, to advance into the global e-commerce market.

So what?

The new platform has AI-based functions to show sellers the best delivery methods and shipping companies. The best logistics will win the global market.

3. Paid social media features are on rise

Facebook is testing paid groups, Instagram introduces channel memberships, merchandise, and premier.

So what?

Companies are really giving a run for users money. For which of them will you vote with yours?

4. Hacked S. Korean crypto exchange Bithumb confirms it will reimburse affected users

So what?

The theft cost the users about $30 million, the Bithumb felt from the sixth to tenth place in the list of the largest crypto exchange. The attack requires not only reimbursement but significant reinforcement too.

5. EU committee has approved two new copyright rules

It would require websites to check posts against copyrighted work, and remove those flagged.

So what?

If this rules will pass the European Parliament, they will go into effect. Which can mean no mems in near future. ????

5. Meditation app Calm hits a $250M valuation amid an explosion of interest in mindfulness apps

So what?

The tenser becomes our life, full of technologies, the more we need calmness and composure. Deep breath, everybody!

6. And a word about deep space: U.S. National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Strategy and Action Plan

It outlines how the U.S. could become better prepared asteroids and comets whose orbits come within 30 million miles of Earth.

So what?

The good plan is the half of the solution.

That is all for today. Comment what news do you think is the most important?

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