Latest Tech News: Cryptoworld In 2018

What’s the best place to go for some tech news?

Correct, that’s us. In this Descripto digest, we’ll describe how the crypto world is looking all nice and intriguing in the first quarter of 2018. The most interesting tech news include the following:

– Yet another fraudulent ICO (initial coin offering) came out. After it had raised more than $32 million, of course.
– 5 major crypto exchange platforms got shut down after Coincheck was robbed. Yaay to the secure world of cryptocurrency (no.)
– Tennessee authorities went all-in and put blockchain data and smart contracts under state law. This is definitely a yaay.

So what?

Watch the video to learn about these and three other pieces of tech news that blew people’s minds over the last week. We are cool guys, so we make such videos every week and share everything we’ve learn about the world of tech. So subscribe to our channel on Youtube and get our tech digest every week. We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and iTunes.  

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