Zuckerberg’s Testimony, Telegram ban and Bitcoin price news – Podcast and Article

Descripto #6: Podcast about Tech News such as Facebook, Telegram and Bitcoin price

This week we’ve seen a lot. Testifying before the Congress, Russia’s ban of the messenger, interesting patent and the inspiring rising of the Bitcoin. Let’s list the most interesting!


The most popular video with more than 5 bln views disappeared from Youtube.

So what?

This is the result of the hacker’s joke. No matter how important and valuable things that we create, everything can be destroyed by someone’s bad sense of humor.


Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress on the leak of user’s data.

So what?

He was so persuasive during those hours of answering tricky questions, that the shares of Facebook grew in price by 4.5 percent. People believe you, Mark!


22 countries sign declaration for European blockchain partnership.

So what?

The EC has already invested more than $98 mln in blockchain-related projects. And around $371 mln will be alloted for blockchain development by 2020. It is the one clear path of the blockchain industry development.


Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, founders of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, has been granted a patent for a system that seeks to improve the security of digital transactions.

So what?

Brothers Winklevoss are among the first five richest people in the cryptoworld. They apparently learned the lesson of the Facebook-idea-story.


Russian court decided to ban access to Telegram messenger.

So what?

While the whole world is moving forward, Russia is looking for its unique way. The ban is not a civilized solution, Russia!


The last but not the least. Bitcoin price broke out of the flat and reached the $8000.

So what?

It could be the start of the new Bitcoin rising. Stock market prophets, hold your breath!

The End

If you are against any messenger bans, if you enjoy the prosperity of the blockchain industry — like the video on Youtube! See you next week with a new portion of the hottest news from around the world. Here’s our previous episode, by the way.

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