Digest of Hope: Lithuania’s Blockchain, Autonomous Driving and More Tech News

Blockchain news and sex tech liberty

Here are the tech and blockchain news that we found the most appealing over the past couple of weeks.

First of all, have you ever dreamt of ruling a country? Congratulations, it can now become possible. Bank of Lithuania is calling for blockchain developers to build a platform on a country level. Join the project and be behind the scenes of everything that’s happening in Lithuania.

Second, is Bitcoin allowed in Islam? Well, we never really thought about it before. Last week they had religious people saying that apparently there’s nothing against it.

Third, a Caribbean village of liberty and love will be built in the nearest future. It is going to be the perfect place to start your own sex tech project if you had anything in mind.

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Here are links to the stuff:
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Bitcoin & Islam
Village of liberty
Alibaba’s autonomous driving
Yet another IBM partnership
Nasa joining the blockchain madness

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