ICO News. Cryptoworld In 2018 – Podcast and Article

Descripto Digest #5: ICO News and Tech Updates

We will talk about the crypto world after the first quarter of 2018: ICO news and frauds, Coincheck robbery and more. It’s not the best, but still inspiring.


The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged two co-founders of Centra Tech. Inc. with orchestrating a fraudulent initial coin offering (ICO) that raised more than $32 million from thousands of investors last year.

So what?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. promoted this ICO. And even though promo posts are now deleted from his Instagram account, let’s say it once again: do not take investment advice from him!


In connection with the tightening in the policy of the Japanese regulator after the robbery of Coincheck, five crypto exchanges are closed. They are Mr. Exchange, Tokyo GateWay, Raimu, Bitexpress and Bit Station.

So what?

No security for users — no crypto exchange. Just reliable will stay still. All closed exchanges at the moment are returning to users fiat and crypto-attachments.

The governor of Tennessee has signed a bill that legally recognizes blockchain data and smart contracts under state law.

So what?

Smart contracts are having legal power, thank you, governor Bill Haslam!


On the 1st of April, Vitalik Buterin published a proposal to agree on a hard cap for the total quantity of Ether. One could consider it as a joke, but according to latest Vitalik’s explanation, it was a meta-joke.

So what?

Be careful, Vitalik, your meta-joke is sending shockwaves to the real cryptoexchanges!


American automaker Ford received a patent for the development of a system that will link the machines in transit and arrange their movement with the help of their own cryptocurrency.

So what?

If you are late for an appointment, you may request to pass any participating merchant vehicles for a duration of 10 minutes on a particular road or highway for 60 CMMP tokens. Sounds good, give me those tokens!


Facebook updated its data policy.

So what?

Considering the scandals associated with inappropriate handling user’s personal data, this new data policy is the something you really need to read before checking the «I agree» box .

The new virus HiddenMiner attacking Android smartphones uses device powers for mining Monero. The virus can disable the gadget with excessive CPU load.  Be prepared and always install only trusted applications!

The End

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