Today’s question is, how to Invest in Bitcoin?

How to earn money on the cryptocurrency market?

But before I answer that, I want to tell you a couple of Bitcoin stories which I came across after the last episode had been released.

Invest in Bitcoin and Go All-in

Here’s the first one. A girl from Poland, named, for instance, Agnieszka Brzęczyszczykiewska, worked at a strip bar and raised 6 kids. In the late 2017, she heard the news about the fantastic boost of the bitcoin price.

She thought it would be a clever trick to buy something which is getting expensive so quickly. Agnieszka quit dancing in the bar, took all her savings, and mortgaged her small apartment. She spent all the money on two BTCs. And started waiting for the further rise.

She IS still waiting. With no money to support the family.

Invest in Bitcoin for a Different Reason

OK, the second one. A man in Russia – let’s name him Vlad –Vlad ran his own small business. He sold clothes at a local market. All the clothes he sold were made in China. To cut the money transfer costs, he paid his Chinese partners in bitcoins, so he always had some money in his BTC-wallet. Vlad didn’t follow any news on the crypto-market. And was completely stunned when he heard that bitcoin had broken the 10,000-dollar-Mark. His forgotten 500 BTC turned into almost 10,000,000 dollars!

What is the most interesting part of the story? There are a large number of guys who suddenly woke up millionaires with fortunes in their BTC-wallets. I think, there’s one detail which makes this story special. This Russian market vendor used bitcoins for international payments. It was less expensive. This is what cryptocurrencies were designed for. They were not intended to be the world’s largest casino.

Actually, everyone who have become richer selling bitcoins, are nothing more than casino winners. No one had expected BTC to rise so high. Even now, people continue to buy coins and tokens. In hopes that Bitcoin will make them a fortune.

How to Invest in Bitcoin

Well, suppose, you have some money you don’t know what to do with. And finally, you decide to invest it in crypto. But… how? Is there a strategy?

We asked an expert and he said, “Yes!”

investment strategy bitcoin investment

There are two ways to go about it. Just remember that there is always some risk involved when gambling your money.

The first strategy would be to buy some of the top-10 cryptocurrencies available on the market today with The largest portion of your investment going into BTCs and Ethers. Hold them for 6 months and then sell. You’re almost guaranteed to make some profit.”

The second strategy is to just Buy BTCs, And wait two years before selling them.

It’s also noteworthy, that you should have a certain aptitude for math. Therefore, experienced stock traders have better chances at succeeding, but don’t let that scare you.

I would recommend buying crypto to make money transfers more convenient, which again is what BTC was designed to do. Or if you want to upgrade your workflow and make contracts faster, you could use crypto as well. It could make you richer by making your business more effective.

Those who want to get rich quick, remember: there are many good books on investment, while there’s only one that could support you in your quest for gold and glory.

bitcoin investment praying

Pray and hope for Bitcoin!

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