4 Virtual Reality Use Cases That Will Convince You It Is a Great Thing

Virtual Reality: Is It Worth All The Hype That It Has Been Given?

As life would have it, there are some things that just can’t be made possible in the day to day scenario. However, they have been made possible with the help of technology through the introduction of virtual reality. Some key companies that have been able to become part of this revolutionary experience in accordance to TechCrunch include Google, PornHub, Facebook, Snapchat for all lover of selfies and filters that tend to make you look very amazing, Groupon just to mention but a few. Clearly, virtual reality is the next best thing – even porn sites are adopting it and giving their viewers a very amazing time when they are not able to even meet the person on the other side.

Virtual Reality Use Cases: What Are They?

One may then ask themselves how exactly virtual reality fits in the real world and how does it actually benefit anyone in the real world. Listed below are some ways in which VR has been used in various industries:

1.    Military training

It is more than obvious that training is an essential part of the military. There are various things that the military are taught from survival skills to weaponry to physical fitness. Given that the training itself is very extensive and is a continuous process, it is quite costly in the real life. However, VR opened up a great opportunity to create simulations exercises and routines. The combatants are able to actually learn as much as possible within a confined space but still get to acquire the skill set at a more affordable rate. Hence, this saves a lot of money for the sponsors be it government or even private. In addition, they have also been found to be safer.

2.    Treatment of PTSD

Not only is VR used in the military training but it’s also is used for medical purposes. When you happen to go through a traumatic event in life and can’t seem to shake it off, VR is actually able to step in and give you the push you may need to move forward with your life. This may be very beneficial especially to soldiers or victims of traumatic incidents such as accidents, rape among many others. VR is able to take the victim back to the original event as it occurred in order to help them deal with the situation and move on with their life.

3.    Education

This is one of the most obvious virtual reality use cases – one is able to get deeper into the subject and understand more of what you are actually learning. Imagine a scenario where the teacher is explaining boring topic (for some) such as how the rocks have various layers. It is easier to actually get to see the various layers than just have them draw a diagram and tell you this is how the rock looks like. Makes going to school and the whole learning process very fun and different.

4.    Crime Scene Reconstruction

VR has enabled prosecutors and among other parties to actually be able to show the facts of a crime scene just by the click of a button. This has made some cases become easier to argue and actually just get to show exactly the happenings of various cases

In general, there are many other benefits that may be offered through the use of virtual reality as its clear that its use goes beyond the norm.

Will Virtual Reality Replace The Real Word One Day?

This is actually a matter to be debated. Virtual reality has its benefits just as it has its shortcomings. It all depends on how you use it. Some people have been known to get sucked into the virtual reality to the extent that they forget that there is an actual world that is around them. If it replaces such a point, then its time to pull the plug before it is too late. It all boils down to how it is used.

What Is The Different Between Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality?

With Augmented reality, it tends to easily add various digital elements on a live view using one’s camera. Some often most common forms of AR that have been making the headlines and people have been playing them for the longest time after the introduction include the game Pokémon Go which had people looking funny and crazy while chasing Pokémon all around and also Snapchat lenses

Virtual reality, on the other hand, involves you being completely immersed in a scenario to the extent that you end up shutting out the whole world. One may use various VR devices such as Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Star Wars, Htc Vive among others. These devices are able to easily move you into various real world and imagined environments including being on a dragon, to being on a roller-coaster and even finding yourself in a hot humid desert yet you’re literally stuck at home somewhere in the middle of winter.

With that’s said and done, VR is worth every single bit of hype given, the benefits are immeasurable, and just beyond grasp. If some big companies such as Google and Yahoo are able to actually use them for whatever purposes, then what is stopping the rest of the world form actually going ahead and taking advantage of this amazing piece of technology? Virtual Reality is a form of reality in its own way.